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Fleet management is the processes that fleet managers utilise to manage all fleet and asset information, from acquisition through to disposal. This enables companies to reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure compliance across an entire fleet operation.

Manage your fleet with our fleet management software

Streamlining everything at one place to efficiently manage and optimise

we believe that each time a commercial vehicle gets access to modern fleet technology, roads become safer, millions of owners and drivers experience prosperity, and there is a positive impact on climate sustainability.

While many strides have been made in the developed world to leverage the best that technology has to offer, fleet owners and drivers elsewhere are still struggling with rudimentary products and services We are changing that.


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Reduce you cost of running your fleet

Any fleet owner would like to save money on their daily operations cost and use that money in expanding their business. The good news is that advanced fleet management system in India can help a fleet owner save money by maximizing the efficiency of their equipment, thereby increasing the productivity of their fleet. This can be done through the use of a robust system which can assess the health and performance of vehicles and equipment. This data helps a fleet owner to know the following:

1,How often their vehicles are in use

2. When their vehicles are performing optimally or are experiencing technical issues.

3. Whether their assets are up on their regular maintenance When their vehicles are in need of repair.

The costs incurred by missed servicing appointments, fuel wastage and inefficient handling of vehicles can amount to a lot for any business. With our tracking and fleet management system, you can stay assured that the money you invest in your business is being spent wisely.

Features that Our Software covers


Fuel Management

Fuel prices might constantly change, but awareness regarding your fleet’s fuel expenses should always remain. Boost your cost savings and hold your employees accountable.


GPS Tracking

Your fleet vehicles are constantly on the move. you can easily see where they’ve been based on tasks and activities performed throughout the day— vehicle inspections, fuel ups, GPS tracking data and service work.


Work Orders

Stay on top of fleet work orders for equipment and vehicle maintenance. Streamline maintenance processes from automatic work order creation through completion.


Inspections/Service Management

Keep your inspection records neat and your drivers productive with easy-to-use mobile vehicle inspections. Customize inspections in the digital app or desktop version, stay compliant and get instant notifications with submission details.


Vehicle Cost Analysis

Track any expense incurred by your fleet in one place. Understand the true cost of running your fleet. Understanding the total cost of ownership for each of your fleet vehicles enables you to unite your industry experience with up-to-date numbers to make more informed choices about vehicle utilization and replacement policies.


Driver Management

Manage miscellaneous documents such as registration, insurance, warranty and more.