Two decades back no one even imagined buying clothes from an online store without any physical touch or feel. No one even imagined transferring money to his friends with a flick of a finger. No one even searches in Google that often.

In two decades technology has covered a long distance. At the present age, we can’t even imagine a single day without using a smartphone or social media or watching Netflix. All these changes are due to the development of web technologies.

With these ever-changing web technologies, the new business opportunity has developed like we have seen tremendous growth in the e-commerce sector. India’s retail market is estimated at $470 billion in 2011 and is expected to grow to $675 Bn by 2016 and $850 billion by 2020, – estimated CAGR of 10%. Opened doors for people to start a new business, cultivate new ideas, experiment with new business models. With this digital revolution, start-up culture is not bounded only to metro cities but small towns and cities have some interesting start-ups to look for. All technology-based startups use web technologies to some extent to grow their business. It is very difficult to imagine a business without a website these days.

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Especially smaller cities like Raipur, Indore and many more are also not far behind in this start-up race. For instance, Raipur has seen many start-ups in a few years, people are responding to business with an online presence. Many businesses are opting to have their online presence in the form of websites or in another form.


But the difficulty also raised too with the rise of technology, Lack of information and lack of proper guidance, businesses are fooled by freelancers and website development company in Raipur and making them deprived of the technology use. Many website companies in Raipur are there but no one has complete knowledge of growing business through online platforms.
A right technology partner can help you to achieve your business goals…

Who we are

We are Crowdnix technologies a website design company in Raipur, one of the software companies in Raipur to provide development services with all technologies. One of the core competencies of our web development services is that we provide premium quality website design in Raipur in all categories of web development, from a static website to e-commerce websites.

Our Web development services in Raipur.

1. Static website: A small business needs a simple website to showcase its services. Why don’t you try a static website for your business? It is handy and affordable. We Crowdnix technologies help you to get your static business website according to your requirements and under your budget.

2. Dynamic WebsitesWe understand your requirement and act according to it. You have huge list of information that you want to provide to your user. Don’t worry we can provide a dynamic website that helps you to provide tons of information.

3. Ecommerce website: We also provide eCommerce solutions to create an online store in Raipur to grow your business online

4. Web Applications: We provide core web application development services in Raipur, we can help you to get business solutions-oriented web application which helps you to increase your productivity and revenue.

We can develop custom web solutions for you as per your business requirements. So what you are waiting to get your reliable technology partner for your business.

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