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Why web development is needed?

Web development or a website is the basic requirement for starting your business online. A website is a online destination of your business in digital world. Without this you cannot sell your products or services online. It helps you to get traffic and enables to get solid online presence.

How to get a Business Website?

A attractive and interactive website can boost your business to skies. If anything goes wrong it will ruin your online reputation, which is more important in present scenario. Generally people can make their own website using various platforms available in the market. But you still gone miss the magic, you cant make your website according to search engines guidelines. Here comes the role of web development companies of Raipur and Bhilai. A website design agency in Bhilai or Raipur can help you to get eye locking websites for branded website.


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What we do for you!

At Crowdnix we believe in the era of digital India, website is backbone of your business.


We try to make best and interactive website for our customers. We use latest trends of web development and website designing. We use latest technology like HTML5, CSS-3, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, Bootstrap, and other platforms to build awesome website.

Why choose us?

It is the obvious question that arises to everybody out there, why you should hire us. Here is the answer for it. We are the one stop website design agency and Development Company in Bhilai and Raipur, With core team of more than 6+ years of experience. We are only web Development Company in Chhattisgarh which deals in every technology of website making available in the market. We don’t have fixed plan for website development like others, we act according to your requirement and necessity. Our pricing may vary from Rs 3500 to Rs 50000+ depending upon the complexity of the project.


Our team has tons of experience making complex web applications for your business needs we deal in application like:
  • School Management System
  • Ecommerce Cart system
  • Gym Management System
  • ERP Systems and many more.